Tentative Scientific Programme


DAY 1 Friday, December 7, 2018
Venue: Multiple venues, please check each session

8.30 Registration, Breakfast, Poster set up

9.00-5.00 Slide viewing, open all day
Venue: Physiology Hemat Lab, Medical College Building, 3rd Floor

(Slides will also be available for viewing on Day 2 from 9.00 to 2.00)

Forty glass slides will be available for viewing on microscopes. All delegates will receive a handout briefly describing the salient findings in each case.
In addition, there is an optional Glass Slide Challenge for those who want to test their skills.
All cases will be discussed in detail in the Slide Discussion sessions on Day 2 and 3 of the meeting (see programme below).

Tea will be available from 11.00 to 11.30 am near the Microscopy Lab

Lunch will be available from 1.00 to 2.00 pm

Tea will be available from 3.30 to 4.00 pm near the Microscopy Lab

Inaugural function
Pushpanjali Auditorium, Hospital Building 1st Floor
10.30 A tribute to Bernard Ackerman Mary Robinson
10.45 Inauguration ceremony followed by Tea

Basic dermatopathology module I
Venue: Pushpanjali Auditorium

12.00 Normal skin structures and inflammatory cells Sharmila Patil
12.10 Basic reaction patterns Vishal Gupta
12.20 How I approach autoimmune vesiculobullous diseases Shipra Agarwal
12.30 How I approach psoriasiform dermatitis G Nandkumar
12.40 How I approach interface & lichenoid dermatitis Sasi Attili
12.50 How I approach granulomas Shubhangi Agale

1.00 Lunch

2.00 Slide Viewing continues in Physiology Hemat Lab, Medical College Building, 3rd Floor

Basic dermatopathology module II
Venue: Pushpanjali Auditorium, Hospital Building 1st Floor
3.30 A tete a tete in skin biopsy between dermatologist and pathologist Sandhya I
3.40 Pathology for the dermatologist Geeta Voolapalli
3.55 Dermatology for the pathologist Chitra Nayak
4.10 Cutaneous Tuberculosis I S Reddy

Quiz Elimination Round
Venue: Hall C Hospital Building 3rd Floor
4.30 30 MCQs by Rajiv Joshi

Free Paper Presentation
Venue: Pushpanjali Auditorium
4.30 Papers 1-23 5 mins each

6.30 Programme ends



DAY 2 Saturday, December 8, 2018

8.30 Breakfast

9.00-2.00 pm Slides will be available for viewing in Physiology Hemat Lab, Medical College Building, 3rd Floor

Pushpanjali Auditorium, Hospital Building 1st Floor
9.00 Approach to diagnosis of neoplastic cutaneous lymphocytic infiltrates Chandu de Silva
9.20 Questions
9.22 Pseudolymphomas Uma Nahar
9.37 Questions
9.39 Neoplastic dermal infiltrates Sara Edward
9.59 Questions
10.01 Bernie’s clues in dermatopathology Mary Robinson
10.21 Questions
10.23 Slide Discussion I (Slides 1-17) Nadia Shirazi, Chirag Desai, Leena Dennis, Bhavna Doshi, Rita Vora, Hari Pathve, Geeti Khullar

11.15 Tea

11.45 Dermal sclerosis-more than morphoea Asha Kubba
12.05 Questions

12.07 Advances in diagnosis of autoimmune vesiculobullous diseases Chika Ohata
12.27 Questions

12.29 Indurated skin lesion: what lies beneath? Subhra Dhar
12.44 Questions

12.46 Slide Discussion II Slides 18-31 Achyut Pokharel, Ankit Bharti, Alemu Workalemahu, Riti Bhatia, Vivek Nikam

1.30 Lunch

2.30 Cutaneous vasculitis Meera Thomas
2.50 Questions

2.52 Histopathology of leprosy Sujay Khandpur
3.12 Questions

3.14 Utility of Auramine stain in the diagnosis of leprosy Sushil Pande
3.24 Questions

3.26 Antigen mapping in epidermolysis bullosa Raghavendra Rao
3.41 Questions

3.43 Nothing lesions in dermatopathology Eshwari L
3.58 Questions

4.00 Tea

4.30 Slide Discussion III Slides 32-40 Amit Yadav, Swosti Mohanty, Indu Kumari
5.00 Quiz
Finals Sasi Attili

6:00 General Body Meeting

DAY 3 Sunday, December 8, 2018

8.30 Breakfast

Pushpanjali Auditorium, Hospital Building 1st Floor

9.00 Histopathology of tattoo reactions Uday Khopkar
9.10 Questions
9.12 Histopathology of nail diseases Sonal Sharma
9.27 Questions
9.29 Inflammatory dermal infiltrates Sara Edward
9.49 Questions
9.51 Histopathological evaluation of non-scarring alopecia Meenakshi Batrani
10.11 Questions
10.13 Histopathological evaluation of scarring alopecia YK Inchara
10.28 Questions
10.30 Microscopic approach to panniculitis Rajalakshmi Tirumalae
10.45 Questions

10.47 Tea

11.15 Interesting case presentation Chika Ohata
11.30 Questions
11.32 Skin stem cells and applications in dermatology V. Srinivas
11.42 Questions
11.44 Cutaneous mycoses Atul Dongre
11.59 Questions
12.01 Mycetoma: Species identification by histopathology ML Khatri
12.16 Questions
12.18 Glass Slide Challenge Discussion Nadia Shirazi, M Z Mani, Meera Thomas, Atul Dongre, Debajyoti Chatterjee
1.18 Valedictory function

1.30 Meeting ends with Lunch