Answer to Image of the Month October 2012


There are many small and large round sporangia in the dermis which contain numeorus round spores. Some sporangia contain degenerated material. There is a foreign body reaction adjacent to some sporangia.

Rhinosporidiosis presents as polypoidal swellings in the nasal cavity that may reach large sizes and protrude outside the nose. Hematogenous dissemination to the skin is rare and manifests as irregular cutaneous nodules with no particular identifying features. The diagnosis is usually a histological surprise except when the patient is known to have rhinosporidiosis of the nasal cavity. Even more rarely, cutaneous rhinosporidiosis may occur without nasal lesions making clinical diagnosis practically impossible.

Rhinosporidiosis clinical image

Crusted, irregular cutaneous nodule that developed 10 years after the diagnosis of nasal rhinosporidiosis.