Thursday, November 19

9:00-12:00 Self assessment

12.00 General Body Meeting of the DSI


1.00 Lunch


2.00 Dermatopathology of HIV/AIDS: Lessons learned Wayne Grayson
2.20 The many faces of leishmaniasis Francisco Bravo
2.40 Tuberculosis Uday Khopkar
3.00 Leprosy Rajiv Joshi
3.20 Infections simulating lymphomas Werner Kempf


3.40 Tea


4.00 Clinicopathological tight spots Sujay Khandpur
4.20 Endocrinologic and metabolic disorders Franco Rongioletti
4.40 Unusual presentations of drug eruptions Katrin Kerl
5.00 Self Assessment Discussion Cases 1-10

6:30 Welcome Reception


Friday, November 20

8.30 Free communications
9:30 Lichenoid dermatitis Martin Mihm
9:50 Histopathologic clues to the cutaneous diagnosis of anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA) associated vasculitis Andrew Carlson
10:10 Trauma and drug-induced panniculitis Jag Bhawan


10.30 Tea


11.00 Eosinophilic infiltrates: when they help, when they don't Maxwell Fung
11.20 Urticarial vasculitis: what’s in a name Alistair Robson
11:40 New inflammatory conditions Omar Sangueza

12:00 Ackerman lecture Maharaj K Bhan


1.00 Lunch and EC Meeting of the ISDP


2.30 Immunohistochemistry of spindle cell tumours Tammie Ferringer
2.50 Traditional histochemistry: still relevant! Angel Fernandez
3.10 Enhancing education and research using virtual dermatopathology Rajendra Singh
3.30 Confocal microscopy Babar Rao


3.50 Tea


4.20 Skin disorders in Asians: potential pitfalls and unusual entities Joyce Lee
4.40 Self-Assessment Case Discussion Cases 11-20

5.40 General Assembly of the ISDP


Saturday, November 21

8.30 Discussion of Glass Slide Challenge cases

9.10 Pediatric vascular proliferations: new concepts Tim McCalmont
9.30 Palmoplantar keratodermas-an algorithmic diagnostic approach Dieter Metze
9.50 Spitz nevus and mimics in children Yamile Corredoira
10.10 Lymphomas and mimics in children Sylvie Fraitag


10.30 Tea


11.00 Vulvar dermatoses Mai Hoang
11.20 Paraneoplastic syndromes Doina Ivan
11.40 Cutaneous lymphomas: what's new Victor Prieto
12.10 Malignant sweat gland tumours: an update Eduardo Calonje
12.30 Genetics of acral lentiginous melanoma Carlos Torres-Cabala


12.50 Lunch


2.00 Plexiform cutaneous soft tissue tumours Zsolt Argenyi
2.20 Cutaneous fibrohistiocytic tumours Rajiv Patel
2.40 Neuroendocrine tumours Maite Fernandez
3.00 Cutaneous vascular tumours in adults Sara Edward
3.20 Pitfalls in dermatopathology: lessons from a busy consultative practice Aleodor Andea


3.40 Tea


4.00 Self Assessment Case Discussion Cases 21-30.
5.00 Valedictory session